Wedding dresses, Evening Wear and Occasion wear, Cape Town

Molteno Creations is a Cape Town-based atelier, run by Rose Molteno, a designer who combines ingenuity, creativity and a sense of fun into each wedding dress or evening gown project she's involved in.   

Wedding dresses, mother of the bride or groom, and Matrfic Farewell dresses are our passion.

Who is Rose?

I am a woman! I am a mildly eccentric creative soul with an insatiable desire to invent original, wearable artworks. I love puzzles and thrive I on a good challenge. The easiest way to get me to do anything is to tell me that I can't I'm stubborn as hell and I haven't yet learnt how to give up.

I constantly try to re-invent the wheel, and love the process of doing so! I revel in my hours spent painstakingly cutting out bits of lace, only to re-arrange it and sew it back together. I am the designer who makes my own fabric when I can't find what I envision. I'm that girl rummaging through the dusty old button jars in that obscure old trim shop looking for the button that's just right. My hands are full of pin pricks, and my clothes covered in threads (and cat hair). My hair is most often pinned back so that I can peer more closely at the tiny stitches I'm sewing, and in a quiet moment I'm invariably dreaming up my next creation. My life long love for couture has pushed me through many tough times, and it still pulls me towards my dream of showcasing my own, Proudly South African, range at Paris fashion week.

Endlessly creative, absolutely passionate, and always outspoken. I am Molteno, and I look forward to creating with you!

Vintage inspired wedding dresses and Evening wear

Rose is inspired by life, and has a particular fondness for the elegance of the design era's past. Her wedding dress style is often described as vintage, as she draws her inspiration from the fashion, architecture and music of bygone eras.

To Rose, bespoke bridal and evening wear design is the opportunity to create garments that are not only beautiful and vividly-detailed, but are specifically designed for you, the individual. Whether it be a wedding dress, evening gown or mother of the bride outfit, Rose's unique design process allows for the creation of a design that will bring out your very best features, as well as express your personal style.

Bridal wear custom designed for you

Rose's invaluable experience in styling and the bridal industry, enables her to advise you on the best wedding dress or evening wear styles and cuts to suit your body type, as well as the colours that best suit your skin tone. This knowledge, coupled with her creative flair for formal wear and wedding dress design, allow for the making of a masterpiece gown  for each client.

Highest quality wedding dresses and evening wear

Rose works closely with a team of highly-skilled seamstresses who between them have decades of experience in making seamless wedding dresses, Matric Dance dresses and occasion wear. This team works together to create bridal wear and custom couture that is of the  highest quality. At Molteno Creations, great pride is taken in the use of expert tailoring and the highest quality fabrics to achieve the perfect fit and faltless finish.

At Molteno Creations, the options are endless as the design with be as unique as you are.

For a professional and unique design experience, contact Molteno Creations.