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Quit fighting against your natural body shape - Just change your dress!

Hi Ladies! (And maybe gentlemen? Hey it’s all about gender fluidity so lets roll with it)

As someone who helps women in and out of wedding dresses on a daily basis, trying to help them to find the dress of their dreams, there is something that comes up over and over again. I would like to confront the monster in the room : Unrealistic body goals and expectations.

Now friends, as women we are notoriously hard on ourselves, especially in comparison to our male counterparts. We have a horrible habit of searching our bodies for faults and flaws and then obsessing about them until we’re sure that everyone else is seeing that extra tummy roll too. Or is that just me? It might just be me…… but I know that I’m not alone in the eternal aim towards the perfect body. The only problem is, that perfect body is a 16 year old unicorn and friends, unicorns are not made in the gym, they’re in the DNA. 

Now, please don’t get me wrong. Gyming, losing that extra KG, toning up, and being your best you is brilliant! I myself frequent the weights section and local yoga studio because it’s good for

 the body and mind, but the fact of the matter is that nothing I do is going to make by boobs grow or make that unsightly arm flab go away. (yes I know it’s only in my mind - but it’s very real in there ok!)

a girl in a pink dress standing in front of a building

Anyway, I digress. The point I’m trying to make is that we all need to ease off on the pressure to look “perfect” on our wedding day. Girl, your wedding day is going to be one of the most awesome, memorable days of your life. It will be full of joy and happiness and trust me, no one, not even you, are going to notice that you haven’t managed to transform into Bella Hadid in the lead up to your I-do’s. 

So, here is my 2 cents worth : I’m not going to tell you to get over your body issues because that would be both hypocritical and unrealistic. Instead, I encourage you to confront the things that you are insecure about, be realistic about if this is something that you can actually change before the wedding, and if not, then shop for or design a dress that does disguises it. 

I, for example, have after years of self hate and countless sit-ups, have realised that I will NEVER have a washboard flat stomach. It’s sad, but true. So should I buy a skin tight white minimalist dress that shows every bump and lump? NO!

If you hate your hips - wear a full/loose skirt. If your back fat sticks around like a bad fart - just cover it! Problem solved and let’s get back to being in love!

In summary, stop trying to change your DNA, change the dress!