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Hi Friends!
Here’s one for all of you brides to be who are wondering just where to start when it comes to shopping for your dream wedding dress. To keep it simple, here are my top three essentials for any good wedding dress shopping experience.

1 - Wear or bring well fitting underwear and/or shapewear

Recently I went to visit the team at Inner Secrets, a specialist underwear, swimwear, and lingerie company who import the very best brands and really know their stuff when it comes to bridal underwear. The reason for this is that I am acutely aware that when my clients wear the correct underwear, it both boosts their confidence levels, and helps me to create a seamless couture finish.
spanx shape my day mid thigh high waist shaping shorts nude frontspanx open bust slip

Upon meeting the team, they told me that they actually refer to garments such as Spanx as “foundation wear”, and I thought this was really very apt. What they are saying, is that the underwear or shapewear that you choose, lays the foundation for the fit of the dress that I make. If this foundation is good, we can create a spectacular result. If your underwear is badly fitted, however, I will not to be able to create a couture finish, no matter what I do.


The style of foundation wear you wear on your wedding day will depend on the type of shaping and support you need, as well as the style of your wedding dress, but for your best experience at your first fitting, I advise you to bring a form of shapewear such as Spanx, a very well fitted bra, and panties that do not cut into you. With this in your arsenal, you will be able to enjoy the experience of trying on various styles and be able to see clearly how they suit your figure.

2 Make a bit of effort on your hair and make-up

This is something that a surprising number of brides to be do not think about. Even though the dress fitting is a completely casual affair, you’re going to enjoy it far more if you like what you see in the mirror. Since this is an exercise in playing dress up for your big day, it will help if you’ve made a bit of an effort to straighten or wash your hair and put on a lick of mascara. This will boost your confidence levels and help you to envision how you would really look on your big day.

2624428 orig

3 A trusted friend or family member

In my experience, one or two of your besties is great to offer support and guidance in this important stage of your bridal experience. I ask that you don’t bring a huge entourage who will overwhelm and confuse you, but one or two people who know you well and can share in your vision is really helpful. Always be careful to select those who will offer honest but kind feedback and leave behind anyone who may be overly critical or negative.

I could go on forever with a laundry list of things, but in my opinion, these three are the most important to ensure that you have a fun and productive fitting experience.

For inquiries and any further questions, please feel free to contact me and I will help in whatever way I can.

For more advice on your foundation wear, why not pop into an Inner Secrets store and let the team of experts help you to achieve your perfect foundation!

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Hi Friends!

As some of you may have seen, I am busy squirreling away at my next bridal range. I'm sooo excited about this one! It's going to be killer!
So, to make space for all of my beautiful new creations, I thoought I'd hold a bit of a sample sale. 

ROSE.M BRIDAL 434bohemian wedding dress 317 Copy

I'm selling my previous season's dresses for R8000 to R10 000. 

IMG 4881

You can see my dresses on my "collections".
2018 collection
and last year


Please note that most samples are size 34 which is a 70cm waist. 
I have 2 plus sized samples going for R12 000 on sale. 

If you're interested, please book here!
Hi Friends!

After nearly 8 years of making beautiful wedding dresses for a wide variety of unique women, I have realized that I do more than just make dresses

bohemian wedding dress cape town2018

When you work with me I offer you my expertise in styling and designing a dress that will not only suit your physical body type, but your personality and wedding theme too.
I have always strongly believed that your wedding day is all about you, and your wedding dress should reflect all that makes you uniquely YOU

Have you ever wondered - what will make MY wedding Different? Will people remember it, or will it fade into the blur of weddings that my friends attend...?

While I am not really involved in your decor, venue and day styling, I am involved in your dress. The wedding dress is arguably the biggest focus of the wedding day and having a rare and exclusive bridal gown could truly make or break the your special day. 

modern wedding dress cape town2018

Wear a gown that makes your loved ones exclaim "Oh that is SO Her!" 

I have asked a huge number of women what they wish they knew before buying their wedding dresses, and by far the most common response was - don't listen to anyone else, wear a dress that YOU love. Choose a dress that's truly you and don't be persuaded to conform or please other people! 

OK, so I have the wedding dress, but what about the rest????

At Molteno we undertsand how overwhelming it can be when faced with all the details of styling you look, nont to mention your bridal party!
That's why offer a Complete styling solution for you and your whole bridal party!

While most designers will make your dress and then send you on your merry (or totally clueless stressed out) way to find all the other items you need to complete your bridal look. At Molteno, Rose will help you to style your full outfit.

Each bride recieves a complimentary Insiders guide to the best suppliers for all your bridal party needs!

Each bride recieves an Insiders guide to the best servce providers to use for you and your whole bridal party. From your wedding shoes, to your Hubby-to-be's outfit, to your Mother of the Bride and bridesmaids solutions, we will help you with it ALL!

And... I don't just leave it there..... In collaboration with the best in the industry, we compile a personalised styling document to advise you what (and where) to buy to pull your whole look together seamlessly, like a pro! We will show you the correct undergarments to wear, shoes and everything else you may, or may not have thought of!

Remove the stress of styling yourself and your bridal party. Save time (and arguements). Get on with the important things in life rather than traipsing  around shopping mall after shopping mall trying to find the right accessoies. Your time is valuable, so let us help you!

For more information on my couture bridal packages, read here or contact me directly to set up a consultation. 

Over and Out!
With love

photo 1503315082045 a2bfb5e7f56e
Planning to get married this year? If you’re looking to have a casual and fun vibe for the big day, consider having an outdoor wedding. It’s the perfect option for couples who want to have a relaxed and less formal ceremony that their friends and family will never forget. Even better, why not have a pool wedding party? It’s a great way to save money as you can have the wedding ceremony and reception in the same place. As a typical South African wedding can cost between R70,000 to R80,000 with 50% of the budget going to the venue, it’s important to find ways to cut costs so you can spend more on other things that may matter to you. To ensure that everything—from your gown to the venue, to the food, and everything else fits your dream wedding concept, here’s the ultimate guide to planning the perfect pool wedding party.

Prepare the venue

For a poolside wedding, you’ll need to make sure that the venue can accommodate all of your guests and that it has the perfect area where you can have the ceremony. If the outdoor space has a gazebo, then that would be the ideal place to have the wedding ceremony. If not, you can DIY a gazebo using natural wood. Decorate it with vines and flowers to soften the look. Enhance the gazebo and the poolside area with strings of twinkling lights, paper lanterns, and swathes of fabric.

The pool itself should be party-ready too. Make sure that the pool water has been changed at least two days before the wedding. Also, ensure that the water has the right mix of pool chemicals to keep it clean and to keep guests safe if anyone decides to take a dip (or if anyone falls in, for that matter). If your reception will be held in the evening, plan on floating some candles and flowers in the pool to give it a magical feel. For safety, keep the pool area clear of wires or electrical cords which may pose potential accidents or injuries.

Choose the right gown

The right gown should make you look and feel like a queen on the big day but it should be also comfortable enough to wear outdoors. Bohemian style gowns are perfect for a pool wedding party as the ethereal vibe of this gown fits well with your outdoor wedding concept. If you’re planning to dance the night away, consider a tea-length or a mini-wedding dress. For a fun touch, change into a pair of classic white sneakers for the reception to give you more freedom to mingle with your guests and dance with your groom.

Have the right food

Plan on having food that won’t spoil or go bad in hot weather. You should also have several options for beverages especially if you picked a hot day to have a pool wedding party. You can’t go wrong with appetizing and savory comfort foods, an array of cheeses and crackers, chilled wine, and fresh juices.

Entertain your guests

Nothing enhances a pool party than good music. You can hire a live band to cover danceable hits from Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson, and Beyonce which will encourage your guests to hit the dance floor. Set up a mini outdoor theatre using a projector and a screen where you can show pictures and videos of you and your groom. You can also hire a DJ to spin some great tunes or if you have a flair for making great mixes, simply attach your MP3 player or laptop to the speakers and assign someone to be the DJ for the day.

A pool wedding party is a fun way to celebrate one of the most memorable days of your life. Follow these tips to plan the ultimate pool wedding extravaganza and have a great time with your family and friends.

Written by Jackie

Posted on in Molteno
Hi Friends,

it's been brought to my attention that most people think that they would never be able to afford to have their wedding dress made by a designer. Now in some cases this may be true. Some designers do charge an extra premium price, charging R1000 for consultations and making their time un-affordable, however this is not necessarily the norm. Many designers, including myself, are actually a lot more affordable than you may think. Let me tell you about some of the benefits of going to a designer for your wedding dress:

What are you paying for?

Most people think it's going to be cheaper and easier to buy their dress from a shop than to go to a designer. What most people don't realize, however, is that the price that they end up paying has very little to do with the quality of the garment. Imported dresses are not expensive because they are or a better quality, but rather because 45% import duty is added to their price because they come from China. Yes, that's right, contrary to the fancy European brand name, they are still all manufactured in bulk in China. In a nutshell, half of the cost of that dress is import taxes, not fabric and labor. 

If you are buying a dress from me, for example. Every cent you're paying goes into the dress. In this way, it is possible to make a far superior quality garment for the same amount or, very often, less. 

Copy of Styled Shoot Natasha Taljard Photography 233 Copy

Hidden costs

When ordering an imported dress, you have to choose the size closest to your measurements. What most epople don't anticipate, is the cost of the alterations on this side to get the dress to fit you properly. You can end up paying thousands extra to get the dress wearable.

With ordering a dress from a designer, you will be measured and the garment made to fit you. In my case, I will do at least 2 fittings all built into the cost and then everything, including the hem is done to perfection. 

Are you settling?

Because people don't think they can afford to have their dress designed, they settle for something that they like. To alter or change anything on an imported dress is either not possible or charged for at an astronomical price. For me, if you like one of my dresses but want to tweak something, this can be done fairly easily and generally for a nominal fee. So why settle for a dress that's only close to what you want when you can get exactly what you want?

The quality is in the fabric

couture designer wedding dress cape town 4

Contrary to popular belief, the fabric we get here is of far superior quality than those used in mass produced garments. These imported dresses are ofte scratchy and have very little detail such as beading on them. Dresses made by local desiigners such as myself are made from high quality, soft fabrics that make all the difference to the overall look of the dress.

And.... if you still don't think you can afford me....

I offer a number of packages and they are as follows:

My ready to wear couture wedding dresses for R13 500 to R20 000
Custom made couture bridal wear made to measure at the highest quality from R18 000

Islay Rose
Islay Rose is my bohemian wedding dress range for the laid back bride who still wants to look gorgeous, but values experiences over details. Dresses are light, easy wearing and easy on your budget!
Dresses priced from R7000 to R10 000. 

DSC 0997 Copy
DSC 1287 CopyDSC 1484 CopyTo book an appoinent anytime in Cape Town or on the weekend of the 14th and 15th of April 2018 in PARKHURST in Johannesburg, please inquire here.
Spots for Parkhurst are selling out fast so don't hesitate!