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Posted on in Molteno
Planning your 2019 wedding and wondering what bridal trends are in this year? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are five of the top bridal trends to help you recreate the look of your dreams. Your 2019 wedding planning starts here!
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No-care wedding hair

It should comes as no surprise that the Duchess of Sussex has inspired many brides to rock undone buns and intentionally messy hairstyles following the royal wedding. But these aren’t your typical “lazy day” hairstyles. Think of them as messy, but in a controlled way. The key to pulling of this look is to make sure that your hair doesn’t become a mess after a few hours. Loose waves, windswept locks, and face-framing curls are just a few of the many ways you can replicate this relaxed and effortless look for your wedding.

Natural makeup

In previous years, bridal makeup was all about the glitz and glam. This year, we’ll see many brides going for the “no makeup” or natural look on their big day. It doesn’t get more timeless than natural makeup that shows off your skin’s gorgeous glow. And a glowing complexion will always yield perfect photos! If you’re looking to add a pop of color to your natural look, try a bold lipstick.

Pear shaped engagement rings

2019 is said to be the year of the pear shaped diamond. These are a great choice for brides because their unique shape allows you to showcase your individual style and personality. Not to mention, they have a large spread which allows the diamond to appear larger than it actually is. For example, a carat pear shaped stone will appear larger than a carat in a cushion cut. This is perfect if your budget is a little lower because you can choose a smaller carat size and still get the look you want! We’ll be seeing this trendy style at most jewelers this year, including online jeweler Blue Nile, who offers pear shaped engagement rings in a variety of stones and styles.

All over sparkle dresses

From sequins to beading and metallic embellishments, sparkle gowns will be one of the top picks for brides this year. Not only can sparkle dresses be daring, they’re also very sophisticated. For this look, be sure to keep your accessories minimal so they don’t take away from your glitzy gown. Click here to shop our collection of unique wedding dresses.

BN weddingtrends19 card1 v042x
Bridal jumpsuits

If you’re ditching a big ceremony for a smaller celebration or just going for a more casual look, a bridal jumpsuit is perfect for you! Not only are they comfortable, they’re figure flattering and totally on trend. For a modern ceremony, a jumpsuit with a lacy top is perfect. For more casual nuptials, a tailored white pant suit is your best option! There are so many styles including flowy, bohemian, and cropped, the possibilities are endless for pulling off this trendy look!

This post was written by This post was written by Amanda H. lover of all things wedding related

Posted on in Molteno
Shopping for your wedding dress and sick of the awkwardness of having a sales person constantly hovering around you while you shop?
Wish you could have some privacy to talk openly among your loved ones?
Wish you had more than an hour so you could really relax and get the feel of the different dresses?

I bet! I think many women struggle with this when wedding dress shopping in Cape Town so I decided to give you a unique offer.
For R800, join me at my relaxed and welcoming bridal boutique where you can spend two hours trying on as many of my wedding dresses as your heart desires!
Sip on award winning Bubbly and nibble on the sweets provided with friends and family and best of all, get to do it in COMPLETE PRIVACY!

15355631 1495523477141730 8388022230583763799 n

Rose will be helping you for the first 30 minutes or so, guiding you as to how to get in and out of the dresses without damaging them, and answering any of your questions. After that, she will leave you to it and will be there only if needed. You can then take your time re-trying on dresses and discussing things openly with your loved ones without me hovering.

Should an order be placed, R400 will be refunded to you.

I have over 40 unique wedding dresses to try on, so there should be plenty of occupy yourself with!
For bookings, please mail here:

Posted on in Molteno
Hi friends! So after 8 years of working with women, and me myself being one for most of my life, I have learned some universal truths about women’s bodies, and I thought I’d share these insights with you today.
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1 - We have completely unrealistic ideas of what our bodies should look like

Friends, we really need to face the facts, those cover models and Instagram influencers don’t look as perfect as their pictures. They manipulate their bodies into flattering poses, use special angles, and outright photoshop the pictures in order to look that way. We have to stop comparing ourselves to these pictures and then beating ourselves up for not looking like that. NO ONE looks like that, so cut yourself a break OK?

2 - If you’re skinny, you usually have small breasts. If you’re curvy, you’ll likely have large breasts. Accept it!

Bar a very small handful of wonder women who were build with size 6 bums and c-cup breasts, the vast majority of women fall into the above category. Breasts are made mostly from fat, therefore if you’re slim, the chances are your breasts will me small. That’s how we’re designed. Accept it, or get implants (most models/actresses with large breasts have implants). But do know that it’s natural, so stop bashing your poor body for being a normal woman.

3 - As we get older, our waist size WILL expand.

I’m sorry friends, but the truth is that as we approach or reach menopause, we will start to gather fat around our tum. No matter HOW hard you try, your waistline will expand. It’s OK. It’s all a part of growing up and no one else is judging your body as harshly as you are. Let’s try to embrace the new phase of life in which our sense of self is solid, even if our tummy isn’t.

4 - Almost every woman hates their arms.

True story. I’m fairly slim and I HATE my arms. What’s up with that bloody flap flap fat under my arms that just won’t go away no matter how hard I try???? Sigh. Anyway, I feel you. But at least know that you are not alone in this, and again, it’s probably not nearly as bad as we think it is.

5 - As you mature, you will get cellulite. But trust me, men don’t even notice.

Friends, some of us may be luckier than others in this department, but from what I have observed, pretty my all women in their 30’s develop some degree of cellulite. It sucks, I know, but no cream or weird exfoliating scrub is going to take it away. It’s part of being an adult woman, and I promise you this, men usually don’t even notice! (They’re too busy looking at those boobies that you think are too small)

6 - ALL women have stretch marks

Yes my friends, all women has stretch marks somewhere. I developed them on my hips when I hit puberty and was so ashamed, but as I grew up I realised that all women get them. Hey, even some men get them! I’m not aware of anything that will fully take these away, so whether they’re on your hips, thighs, breasts or arms, I think it’s time we accept that it’s a part of a growing body, and love ourselves ANYWAY!

7 - Body dysmorphia is a real thing, and more common that one may think

So here’s a more serious one that I think needs to be discussed. I came across the term body dysmorphia when I was hospitalised for anorexia at the age of 14. Those who know me personally will know that I have battled for the past 21 years with the demon that is an eating disorder, some days are better than others, but every day is a fight to choose recovery over self destruction.

Body dysmorphia refers to the obsession with real or imagined flaws in the body. It means that those who suffer from this are often completely unable to see an accurate reflection of their own body, and usually see it as far bigger and fatter than every other onlooker.

Here’s my observation friends; I don’t think this disorder is in any way exclusive to those with eating disorders. Every day I work with women who are completely obsessed with hiding their tummy/arms/hips and so on lest anyone lay eyes on their hideous body part. But let me tell you this, nine times out of ten no one in the room aside from them can even see the problem!

With the above in mind, I ask you to consider this: next time you’re standing in front of the mirror, chastising yourself for that tummy roll, just consider for a moment that maybe, just maybe, it’s only you that really sees it.

8 - Every single woman has an armpit vagina.

Girls, you know that bit up fat under your arm that creates that little fold? That’s the armpit vagina, and we ALL have one. Accept it and cover it if it really bothers you, but it ain't going nowhere!

9 - The more pressure you put yourself under to lose weight, often the less effective it is.

Ladies I’m not saying don’t go hit the gym to shed a few unwanted kilo’s, but what I am saying is that the more stressed you make yourself about it, the less likely you are to lose the weight. The stress hormone cortisol causes the body store fat rather than burn it, so you’re self sabotaging by getting overly stressed about it! Instead, find an exercise that you enjoy doing and a diet that is sustainable, and lose what you can.
Well friends, I hope my completely honest look at our bodies helped you to get a more realistic view of your figure and most importantly, inspired you go give yourself a bit of a break or better yet, give that perfect instrument of yours some much needed love!
I friends!
Today I wanted to talk about the most suitable wedding dress styles if you’re getting married in Cape Town.

Cape Town is best known for its beautiful, hot sunny summers and unmatched natural surroundings. For this reason, people flood here from around the world to get married. If you’re saying your I-do’s in Cape Town, here are my top 3 wedding themes and wedding dress advice to match:

Cape Town beach weddings

World renowned for our spectacular coastlines and blue flag beaches. Many brides, both locally and from abroad choose to wed on our beaches and my favorite beach wedding venues are:

Die Strandlooper


If you’re going for a laid back vibe, Die Strandloper is the perfect venue. The wedding is held on the beach restaurant and a meal of freshly caught fish will be served. For a genuine South African experience, sun on your back and feet in the sand, this is for you!

Wedding dress to match:

For this style wedding, laid back bohemian wedding dresses are best. You will be walking on the sand, so keep your feet bare or with toe sandals. I suggest an easy to wear boho gown that’s simple and comfortable. Look at my Islay Rose Bohemian wedding dress collection.


The Strandkombuis is a more upmarket venue, offering the dreaminess of getting married on the famous sixteen mile beach, with all the creature comforts of a traditional wedding. You will have a Bedouin tent to protect you from the wind and world class catering and decor services.

Wedding dress to match:

For this venue I would advise high end bohemian wedding dresses. With the night being lit by fairy lights, a bit of sparkle and glamor can be donned, but I still advise choosing a style that’s easy to wear and has a soft, flowing aesthetic. Again this is not a stiletto friendly venue, so keeping your styling on the boho side is best. Think beautiful lace, beadwork and chiffon. Look at my Islay Rose custom made options for this.

bohemian wedding dresses cape town 02.16

Cape Town Wine farm weddings

Cape Town weddings are most typified by the wine farm wedding. We have such a vast array of world class venues that it’s hard do select just a few, but for the most luxurious wine farms, look at Ashanti, the Conservatory, Molenvliet, Groot Constantia, Babylonstoren and Grande Provence. These venues will give you the very best of the Western Cape natural beauty as well as the most unmatched catering and decor.

grande provbabylonstorenThe Conservatory21

Wedding dress to match:

These wine farms have a great deal of history and some are quite opulent. For this reason you can choose a wedding dress that is formal and either traditional or vintage inspired. I would advise choosing a wedding dress that has a bit of wow factor. For all wine farm weddings, a traditional wedding dress would suit well. Bare in mind that you will likely go out among the vineyards for your photographs, so unmanageable trains are not advisable. Look either at my Molteno Collections, or at having your dream dress custom made

wedding dress designer cape town 888

Luxury hotel weddings

Cape Town is home to some of the top hotels for weddings in the world. The top of which I would say are the famous Mount Nelson, providing a vintage, historic feel. The Table bay Hotel for opulence unmatched and 12 Appostles for umnatched views and service.


Wedding dress that suits

If you’ve chosen one of these breathtaking venues then I suggest your wedding dress be as memorable as your venue.Go for a high-glam wedding dress that suits your personal styling. If you’re a clean-cut modern bride, then own that style, but be sure that it’s as formal as your choice of venue. I advise a custom made wedding dress to fulfil all your dreams and needs. 

weding dress odwa
I hope this helped all those planning their dream wedding in Cape Town, have fun friends and remember, your wedding is about YOU, so be true to your style and don’t let others pressure you into conforming!
Hi Friends!

So after years of working in the Bridal industry, I have seen that there are certain mistakes that bride after bride makes when she’s shopping for her wedding dresses. While there is a wealth of information out there on this topic, I still see people making these mistakes, so I thought I’d give you an insiders look at how you can make this process more smooth an simple, and most importantly, as stress free.

So without further ado, here are the most common mistakes I see brides making, and how to avoid being her!

1 leaving wedding dress shopping to the last minute

Now friends, what you need to realise is that last minute in wedding dress world is anything less than 4 months before your wedding. The reason for this is that imported dresses have a lead time of 4 to 6 months between ordering and your dress being delivered, and then you will still need time for alterations (and trust me, 99% of brides will need alterations).
Then when it comes to designers, we get booked up quite far in advance, and since a wedding dress is such a labor intensive process, rush orders may not be possible,
You also need to remember that you may need to visit multiple shops before you find your perfect dress and this too takes time.

So when should I start wedding dress shopping?

Start wedding dress shopping 1 year, minimum 9 months before your wedding day to leave you with plenty of time and all your options available to you.

2 - Getting their heart set on a specific dress they see online

Now friends, please don’t get me wrong. I am in no way discouraging you from looking for dresses online before you start shopping, in fact I greatly encourage it! What I am saying, is that you have to bare in mind that those dresses are being modelled by a 6 foot tall stick figure with extraordinarily perky boobs. Of course the dress looks amazing on her! She could put a flippin black bag on and make it look sexy! While I totally understand how we can fall in love with a style, please be open to the possibility that that exact dress may not be the best style for your body type.

couture designer wedding dress cape town 4

My advice?

My advice is to track the dress down if possible and try it on, if it doesn’t suit you, then try on some others of a similar style or feel, and the result of this is either going to be that you fall in love with a dress that is similar in feel but not cut, OR you can take your design to a designer like me who will advise you how to use said dress as inspiration but make it in a cut that will bring out the best aspects of your figure.

I'm going to leave it here for today, stay tuned for the next installment!