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Posted on in Molteno
Planning your 2019 wedding and wondering what bridal trends are in this year? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are five of the top bridal trends to help you recreate the look of your dreams. Your 2019 wedding planning starts here!
BN weddingtrends19 card2 v042x

No-care wedding hair

It should comes as no surprise that the Duchess of Sussex has inspired many brides to rock undone buns and intentionally messy hairstyles following the royal wedding. But these aren’t your typical “lazy day” hairstyles. Think of them as messy, but in a controlled way. The key to pulling of this look is to make sure that your hair doesn’t become a mess after a few hours. Loose waves, windswept locks, and face-framing curls are just a few of the many ways you can replicate this relaxed and effortless look for your wedding.

Natural makeup

In previous years, bridal makeup was all about the glitz and glam. This year, we’ll see many brides going for the “no makeup” or natural look on their big day. It doesn’t get more timeless than natural makeup that shows off your skin’s gorgeous glow. And a glowing complexion will always yield perfect photos! If you’re looking to add a pop of color to your natural look, try a bold lipstick.

Pear shaped engagement rings

2019 is said to be the year of the pear shaped diamond. These are a great choice for brides because their unique shape allows you to showcase your individual style and personality. Not to mention, they have a large spread which allows the diamond to appear larger than it actually is. For example, a carat pear shaped stone will appear larger than a carat in a cushion cut. This is perfect if your budget is a little lower because you can choose a smaller carat size and still get the look you want! We’ll be seeing this trendy style at most jewelers this year, including online jeweler Blue Nile, who offers pear shaped engagement rings in a variety of stones and styles.

All over sparkle dresses

From sequins to beading and metallic embellishments, sparkle gowns will be one of the top picks for brides this year. Not only can sparkle dresses be daring, they’re also very sophisticated. For this look, be sure to keep your accessories minimal so they don’t take away from your glitzy gown. Click here to shop our collection of unique wedding dresses.

BN weddingtrends19 card1 v042x
Bridal jumpsuits

If you’re ditching a big ceremony for a smaller celebration or just going for a more casual look, a bridal jumpsuit is perfect for you! Not only are they comfortable, they’re figure flattering and totally on trend. For a modern ceremony, a jumpsuit with a lacy top is perfect. For more casual nuptials, a tailored white pant suit is your best option! There are so many styles including flowy, bohemian, and cropped, the possibilities are endless for pulling off this trendy look!

This post was written by This post was written by Amanda H. lover of all things wedding related

Posted on in Molteno
Hi Friends!
Every day I meet with brides-to-be who are both excited  and apprehensive about wedding dress shopping. They have to make this huge decision of getting a wedding dress and they don't really know where to start. Whether you are in Cape Town, Johannesburg or anywhere in the world, wedding dress shopping can be very intimidating. Bridal is not your field of expertise and wedding dress designers and boutique owners can often be pushy, snobby and from what I've heard, sometimes downright mean!

With the above in mind, I wanted to share what is my go-to list of important questions you must ask your boutique owner or bridal designer before you put down a deposit on your wedding dress.

Do we have enough time between now and my wedding date?

Many brides-to-be don't know that an imported wedding dress takes 4 to 6 months to make from the time of the placement of the order. Imported dresses are mass produced in huge factories and the lead time is often not negotiable. Further, you have no guarantee that the dress will fit perfectly as a standard size has to be ordered, so assume that you will need alterations. You will need a few weeks for these alterations to be done so just make sure that there is enough time to spare for tweaks.

Is this wedding dress easily customized

If you're ordering a dress off the hanger but want some changes, be very clear with the boutique owner on what the changes are that you want and ascertain if this can be done easily. If the boutique owner says the changes will be hard, or is not confident in her ability to help you to make these changes, either let go of your ideas and settle for the dress as is, or go to a bridal designer such as myself and have your dream dress made from scratch.

Are alterations included in the cost of the wedding dress?

Many clients are blindsided by the extra fees they end up paying for the alterations on imported dresses. As I said above, almost all brides need alterations to be made, even if it's just the hem length, and most boutiques charge for this. In my experience, the alteration fees can be quite high too, so try to ascertain a ballpark figure from the boutique owner as to what you can expect to pay. Again, if you're not happy with this, it may well be cheaper to have the perfect dress made to fit you from scratch. 

If I decide to buy this wedding dress in the next few months will it still be available?

With bridal designers such as myself, I only hold a certain amount of fabric and this my ranges are exclusive and only small number of each dress can be made. It is always worth asking if there will still be fabric available to make the dress in question if you're only planning to order in a few months. 
Likewise, international designers discontinue old ranges so are only available for a finite amount of time. 

Can I buy the bridal sample?

I myself frequently have sample sales, but am also willing to sell off samples at any point for a discount price so that I can replace it with a fresh sample. This would be given to you for a discounted price. It would obviously only work if the fit is good as high alterations costs wouldn't make it worth doing. 

How should I accessorize my wedding dress?

Let the assistant or designer help you to explore different options and suggest things you may not have considered. Remember that accessories can make or break an outfit so enlisting the help of a professional can be a good idea. 

How many fittings will I need?

It's useful to know so you can plan your busy schedule. If making a wedding dress from scratch, expect about 6. If you're getting alterations, expect one to 3 fittings.

What underwear should I wear?

Let the designer or boutique owner guide you in choosing the foundation wear for your style of dress. Again, the right (or wrong) foundation wear can make all the difference when it comes to your final look. I refer all of my brides in Cape Town to Inner Secrets who are the experts in this field.

Well friends, I think that's enough for one day!
Next week I'll be sending you a few final important questions you should ask your boutique owner or designer so stay tuned!
Happy shopping friends!
Hi Friends, today I wanted to write a post about the advantages of having your wedding dress custom made, rather than buying your bridal gown off the hanger. Many people are nervous or hesitant about going this route and I wish to dispel some popular thoughts about the process. It is my personal belief, that if you choose your designer wisely, and follow his or her advice when it comes to what designs suit your body type and which fabrics will work best, the results you can achieve far out-weigh the bit of time and effort this route requires. Below are some of my biggest reasons for having your dream dress custom-made.

Celebrate your individuality

I feel passionately that all the clothes we wear are an extension of ourselves. Our appearance is one of the most effective ways we can demonstrate our uniqueness and inner beauty, and why should this not apply on our wedding day? Surely, on the day we to celebrate the unity of two souls who have fallen in love with each other's uniqueness, our dress should demonstrate this uniqueness too? I see too many women compromise on who they are because they feel like they should fit into the expected mould of what a bride should look like, and the end result is their loved ones looking at her and saying “who is that?”

blush pink bohemian wedding dress cape town

I say; don't feel you need to conform. If you have always dreamed of having a floral wedding dress or simply don't like lace, then go with that! It's your day! Have your dream dress made, if it conforms or not.

In the same ilk, if you have a dress that makes your heart skip a beat and you can't find it in the shops, then I say get it made! There are so many chances to compromise in life, but I don't think your wedding dress needs to be one of them.

Fits like.. a custom-made wedding dress

When having your dress custom made, you know it's going to fit perfectly. With shop bought dresses, you have to purchase a standard size, and I know better than most, that none of us are equally proportioned. This means that alteration will be required and you're still likely not to achieve the perfect fit. On your wedding day your highest priority should be having fun, and not on making sure your dress isn't falling down.

Bridal Fabrics of the highest quality

In my experience, mass produced dresses don't use the softest, finest fabrics. Tulle is usually scratchy, satin heavy and stiff, and the lace itchy. Locally available fabrics are soft and of the highest quality and the results are dresses that are comfortable, elegant and beautiful. Also, what can be more exciting than getting to select your own bridal fabrics?
blush wedding dress cape town 02.16 new

Budget-wise wedding dresses

It is a false idea that having a dress custom made is more expensive than buying an imported dress. Due to the exchange rate and 100% import duty on wedding dresses, imported bridal wear is generally priced between R18 000 and R40 000 and this EXCLUDES alterations. Molteno Creations has a “bohemian” wedding dress range that starts at R6 500 and the average price of a traditional custom made wedding dress by Molteno Creations is R12 000 to R18 000. This is not due to the cheap use of fabrics, but rather that the cost of the dress is going to the designer rather than the tax man and to high overheads attached to running a store front shop.

While I have been writing about all the good things about making a custom-made dress, I still want to add that you must exercise discretion when choosing your wedding dress designer. Be sure to go to a reputable designer who has work to show you and has a fair amount of experience. And finally, remember, you get what you pay for. A “seamstress” who works from her bedroom on the outskirts of Cape Town may well quote you a good price, but there is no guarantee that you will get the dress you are dreaming of.

I hope the above blog helped you, happy shopping ladies!