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Custom Made Wedding Dresses

Get the dress you've always dreamed of.

How do I make sure I look the best on my wedding day?

Custom Made Is More Than Just Looking Good...

Your wedding day is going to be one of the most important days of your life. And with so many people that are going to be watching, of course you want to look for best.

It's the day show exactly how beautiful you are and how lucky your partner is to have you.

Custom made dresses are designed to match your body type perfectly and showcase your best features

Your wedding day is going to be one of the most important days of your life. When it's finished, are people going to remember it or are they just f

Our Process



  • The consultation is when you get the opportunity to sit with Rose and lay out all of your dress dreams.
  • You are encouraged to bring all picture inspiration and anything that will assist us in getting the full feel of your big day.
  • Together we will go through the various design options, what shapes and cuts best suit your figure, colour options, fabric use, budget, and all other relevant details.


  • You will receive a written quote on the dress discussed in your consultation along with the drawing of your design.
  • This quote will be on the fabrics discussed in your consultation. Should you wish to change the design or fabric this quote may be subject to change.
  • If you accept the quote then a 50% deposit will need to be made before work on your garment will commence.


  • A final run-through of your design will be done to confirm the exact specifications and sign off on these.
  • You will have a mock fitting of your basic design, made from inexpensive fabric.
  • Please wear the underwear that you plan to wear with the final dress to all fittings.


  • Rose will accompany you to the fabric store to help select the appropriate fabric for your design.
  • Please note that the fabric choice is integral to the design of the dress: once the fabric has been selected, it may not be possible to change your design without incurring further costs, so be sure that you are happy with the design you have chosen.

FITTING 2, 3 & 4

  • In these fittings you will be trying on your dress, in your selected fabric, and witness as it develops.
  • Each fitting is 45 minutes long. It is important that you wear similar underwear to what you will be wearing on your special day, and the same shoes, so as to ensure the correct fit.
  • I caution against wearing heavy makeup to fittings as you run the risk of staining your gown.

  • During fittings you are encouraged to give open and honest feedback on how you like your dress.
  • At the end of each fitting notes will be made on alterations and any changes that you desire and you will sign off on these. Any changes requested after the gown has been completed, either may not be possible or further costs may be incurred.



  • Upon the collection of your dress you are encouraged to bring your accessories and shoes to see how the whole look finally comes together.
  • Note that payment is to be made in full before the dress can be taken from the premises. Proof of EFT and cash are accepted.

What To Expect


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