Wedding Dresses

Bridal Couture
  • Custom made, hand crafted wedding dresses from R18 000
  • This includes fabric shopping with the designer
  • Highest quality bridal laces, exquisite beaded fabrics, hand beading, fine tailoring
  • 6 fittings
  • Dress bag, framed design and love and support while you plan your big day!

Custom made designer wedding dresses is the main focus of Molteno's Cape Town design studio. Book your one hour bridal consultation in which you will discuss all of your wedding dress design requirements.

Your Wedding Dress Experience

A woman's wedding dress is arguably one of the most important elements of a wedding and something that many women plan and design for years ahead of time. With this in mind, bridal wear designer Rose and her team are ready to go the extra mile to make sure that your wedding gown is every bit as splendid as you have imagined!

Designing your wedding dress

The process of designing your wedding dress starts and ends with you! Book an appointment to sit with the designer, Rose and have a cup of tea while she gets to know you as a person and learns about your wedding plans and dreams. Then, combining her knowledge of bridal design and styling with your ideas and inspiration, you can come up with the perfect wedding dress design for this special day.

Highest quality bridal wear

Molteno Wedding Dresses are outstanding in their use of high quality fabrics.  Sourcing both locally and internationally, Rose selects the finest bridal fabrics to create her timeless wedding dresses. Trims amd embellishments are carefully added to finish off your bridal gown, expressing clearly Roses close attention to detail. From the Cape Town design studio, a team of highly skilled seamstresses with decades of experience in making bridal wear and wedding dresses, create flawless wedding gowns that are made to be admired for generations to come.

The custom wedding dress design process

Book your one hour bridal consultation in which you will discuss all of your wedding dress design requirements. Rose will look at your wedding dress inspiration, discuss your wedding day plans, talk about which bridal designs will best enhance your body type and finally ascertain your wedding dress budget. With all of this information, Rose can collaborate with you in designing your ideal bridal gown that ticks all the boxes!

Once your bridal design has been finalized and the 50% deposit paid,  Rose herself will accompany you to the fabric store to select the best wedding dress fabric for your bridal gown. Once again Rose will be able to guide you, using her expert knowledge of bridal fabrics, so as to select the finest bridal laces, beaded wedding fabrics, silks, satins and bridal chiffons to make your couture wedding gown everything you envision.

In your first bridal fitting you will fit a mock-up gown which is the basic shell of your wedding dress made from an inexpensive fabric. This will be cut/pinned and drawn on and is simply a starting point from which to get the fit correct. It is important that you wear the underwear you are planning to wear on with your wedding dress to these bridal fittings.

In your following bridal fittings you will see your wedding dress take shape. Bring your wedding shoes and the correct underwear to these fittings.

Expect three to six wedding dress fittings.

Molteno Wedding Dress Design 

Fine drapery and delicate lace work are the calling cards of Molteno Wedding Dresses. Rose relishes in spending hours on each wedding gown, hand sewing soft folds of chiffon to create the most romantic drapery. She works with bridal lace with an equal attention to detail, as you will find that each piece of bridal lace is carefully appliquéd and sculptured to your body, allowing no visible seam lines and the most exquisite fit.

I design for the modern bride who wants to be comfortably elegant. I would describe my style as soft, light and feminine. My design ethos is less is more, so I favour simplicity in design, over excessive frills and decoration. I use high quality fabrics, cut precisely to enhance the natural curves of the body.

My bridal wear design style can be split into two main categories. The first is bohemian bridal wear, and the second is the more glamorous, sexy, vintage inspired bridal wear.

In true Cape Town hippie style, I have a mild obsession with bohemian styled wedding dresses. I take inspiration from nature, and the gentle lines of the female form. I like to enhance the woman's natural beauty rather than mask, mould and constrict it. My wedding dresses are easily wearable, light, and have a more informal or natural feel to them.

I love working with soft Chantilly laces, and corded lace that provides beautiful surface texture for the eye to get lost in. I use feather light chiffons that billow in the wind, and drape silk lightly over the body. I play with layering light-weight fabrics and contrasting textures.

I am a huge fan of working with muted, natural colours. Be it blush pink, champagne, nude tones, stone, dove grey or rich cream, your bohemian wedding dress can just as incredible in non-traditional hues as in wispy whites.

If you are a bride to be who loves nature, value's comfort and simple elegance, this style is just right for you! Perfect for beach weddings, game park weddings and semi-formal affair

Vintage inspired wedding dresses by Molteno

My great love for heritage, antiques and all things vintage, permeates everything that I do. The vintage element adds a romance to my dresses even when the design itself is contemporary.

Vintage shopping is one of my favourite things to do and I absolutely love taking a piece of history and re-constructing it to make it into something fresh. I have worked with a number of clients' mother's wedding dresses, deconstructing them and using the lace and elements to make them into exquisite new wedding gowns.

Vintage style wedding dresses work beautifully for Cape Town weddings as we have such a rich history in so many of our wedding venue's. Be it elements of Art Deco from the 1920's and 30's, or fun tea length wedding dresses reminiscent of the 1950's, I am endlessly inspired by the fine, romantic designs of bygone era's.

Bohemian wedding dresses are a perfect style for a Cape Town wedding and the style is really taking the world by storm. Rose absolutely loves the boho, hippie wedding dress style and for this reason it has become another big section of her bridal range. Bohemian wedding dresses by Molteno are light, easy to wear, soft and flowing, and totally elegant. Should you be having a summer wedding, a beach wedding or a farm wedding, bohemian wedding dress styles will suit perfectly! Using soft chiffons, lots of lace, and light weight fabrics, Rose will help you to achieve effortless bohemian elegance hoth her boho bridal!

Bohemian Wedding Dresses 

As a bit of a hippe at heart, Rose is passionate about Bohemian wedding dresses. As a result, Molteno Creations specialises in bohemian wedding dresses, which is a style that fits in very well with a Cape Town Wedding. Her bohemian wedding dresses are exquisitely constructed using various laces, soft chiffons, and feather weight silks. Rose layers fabrics, plays with texture and ensures that the dresses are both beautiful and wearable. Attantion to detail is key, with 3D folwer embellishments, illusion bodices and easy-fit designs. For the perfect bohemian wedding dress for your Cape Town wedding, look no further than Molteno.

Time required for a custom wedding dress

Wedding dresses are made on a custom basis only and a minimum of 6 weeks is required to complete your couture bridal gown.
Express services are offered for shorter time frames but a 15% sir charge shall be added to your quote.